Killer Fictions and a Kindle

January 10, 2011

If you go to this link every day for the next two weeks, comment each day on the post for the day, Twitter or Share on Facebook, send friends, you too can have a chance to win both daily prizes, or a Grand Prize of a Kindle.

Go there to see complete rules. Have fun.

Feedshark Post

November 29, 2010
This is to get my tracking code taken care of so I can use Feedshark.

<a href="" id="QM463541">ping services</a>

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Welcome to my world.

September 9, 2010
This is your first stop in the world of "angel Graham" and I hope you'll find yourself coming back often.  I'll try to post as much as I can.  Check out the Promote Others pages.  I'll be adding new promotions of friends and authors regularly.
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angel's in the house!

This page is my home page. I'll be putting more here very shortly.
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